Top 5 Best Whatsapp Mods in 2021

If you want to unlock the full potential of Whatsapp, then downloading a mod version of the app will be helpful. Whatsapp mod provides you with many additional features that are not present in the original version. If you are looking for the best Whatsapp mods, you should give this article a read.

There’s no doubt that Whatsapp is the most popular messaging app for smartphones. Millions of users rely on this messaging app for their communication needs.

Whatsapp is the largest instant messaging platform out there. It allows you to send messages, images, videos, GIFs, location, contacts, and much more. Besides messaging, the app can also be used for voice calling and video calling.

Despite all the good things, Whatsapp lacks certain features. Many users feel that the app is incomplete. Some of them also complain about privacy features. For instance, Whatsapp doesn’t allow you to hide your online status but viewing others. This is where the need for a Whatsapp mod app comes into the picture.

What is a Whatsapp mod?

Whatsapp mod is a modified version of the original app. The advantage of using a mod version is that it brings you many new features that are not present in the original version.

With the help of a modified Whatsapp, you can hide typing status, turn off blue sticks but still be able to see the blue tick on someone else’s message and much more. It can also help you change the interface of the app. 

The good news is that Whatsapp mods are available for free. You will come across many Whatsapp mods, but we have the best ones for you.

Best Whatsapp Mods

The following are top-rated 5 Whatsapp mods you can try.

1. Yowhatsapp

YoWhatsApp, also known as YOWA, is possibly the most popular mod for Whatsapp. This mod app is loved by users because of all the cool features it offers.

The first thing you will notice is the interface, which is like iOSWhatsapp. So if you are an android user, you can experience iPhone like WhatsApp theme on your smartphone. The users can also run two Whatsapp accounts on this app. It also offers high security as you can lock your Whatsapp without any third-party app. The app offers hundreds of emojis and themes, so you can customise the look of your Whatsapp the way you wish.


  • Supports dual WhatsApp
  • Support for multiple languages
  • Inbuilt DND feature
  • A large collection of themes
  • Stay 24 hours online

If you’d like to download Yowhatsapp , you can get it here.

2. GBWhatsapp

GBWhatsApp is one of the best-modded versions of Whatsapp you will find. It is quite similar to WhatsApp Plus and comes with many great features that you will love to use.

With this modded app, you can hide your online status, share up to 90 images at one go, send larger video files, and much more. It is the best forked WA app if you wish to use two WA accounts on a single device. GBWhatsApp is a straightforward app that supports almost all Android devices.


  • Themes and customization options
  • Multiple language support
  • Regular Updates
  • Send larger video files
  • Password lock for chats

Download GBWhatsapp if you want to get all these features on your phone.

3. FMWhatsapp

The next best Whatsapp mod you can download is FMWhatsApp. The main highlight of this mod is that it allows you to use several numbers at a time. It may have fewer customisation options, but it provides more options for chats.

One of the best features of this mod is that it allows you to send 1GB files. Plus, you can choose from over 30 types of bubble and ticks style. The mod comes with a pink theme, which is called Hello Kitten. Not just that, but it has many other female-oriented features too. This makes the mod ideal for women. 


  • Hide & lock chats
  • Customize hat windows 
  • Send 1GB files
  • 5-minute video status 
  • More than 30 types of ticks and bubbles

If you want to discover more features of Fouad Whatsapp , you can check out this article.

4. Whatsapp Plus

WhatsApp Plus is one of the very first modified versions that were released in the market. It was developed by Rafalete and was packed with some of the best and strong features.

Out of all the features, the ‘No-Ban Feature’ was the main highlight. This mod version of Whatsapp looks very similar to the original one. However, there were few differences in the interface. Also, it had many extra functionalities.


  • Send large files up to 30MB 
  • Add up to 256 members in a group
  • Premium themes
  • Anti-Ban feature
  • Schedule messages

Whatsapp Plus is a must-install if you want to customize your experience.

5. Whatsapp Aero

Lastly, we have WhatsApp Aero for Android. If you like to use a lot of stickers and emojis while chatting, you will find this mode version attractive. Besides stickers, it has many other features that make it one of the best choices.

With the help of this mod app, you can hide read recipients, change themes, make payments, and much more. The app comes with a very intuitive design that enables you to use it with ease.


  • Thousands of stickers and themes 
  • Lots of customization
  • Inbuilt locker
  • Hide date and time 
  • Hide forward tag 

Click here if you want to download Whatsapp Aero.

Risks Of Using Mod Whatsapp

Before you start using a modded version of Whatsapp, you should know the risks involved.

  1. These modded versions of WhatsApp are more prone to spyware and malware. They are usually more vulnerable to cause damage to users’ data.
  2. Another problem with mod versions is that they are not encrypted like the original Whatsapp. This means any third-person can read your messages.
  3. Using moddedWhatsapp is against WhatsApps policies. This could get your account banned for life.
  4. These moddedWhatsapp ask for permissions which are mostly unnecessary for working of the app. They could harness the personal info of users, which could be dangerous if you use your phone for business purposes.

Whatsapp is a great messaging app. But if you want to unlock more new features, moddedWhatsapp is what you need. You can download any of the mentioned modded versions of Whatsapp and utilise the added features for a better experience. All these apps are available for free.

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