JT WhatsApp (JiMOD) – Why you need it ?

JT WhatsApp is one of the best releases in recent times. The modified version of this application has garnered much attention from the users owing to its excellent functionalities. 

There are times when you start using an application you get a feeling that it would have been better if it had certain features attached to it. But not all are professionally qualified to develop an application with the desired features they longed for. To satisfy the needs and requirements of such users, there are a lot of modified applications released in the market.

You need to read below to understand what makes JT WhatsApp one of the top preferred modified applications of WhatsApp. 

JT Whatsapp Download – Release informations :

App NameJT Whatsapp ( JiMODs )
Size45.79 MB

Features of JT WhatsApp :

There are a lot of excellent features of JT WhatsApp. The top ones are listed below. 

  • Safety and Security 

Privacy, safety, and security are some of the prime words used in the user’s circle of late. No one would like to get their data getting stolen by the companies for driving their businesses. JT WhatsApp promises its users not to have to manipulate data for their benefit. It facilitates better communication without having to store data on its servers.  

One of the stunning features of JT WhatsApp is that privacy is not invaded by anyone. One can even categorize the people who they want to receive the call and whom they would do not want to receive a call from. They can easily customize their privacy according to their own needs and requirements. They can also simply restart WhatsApp to make some changes to make some effect accordingly. They can even freeze one’s last seen. 

You can even view a user’s status and make some changes in the settings that it won’t reveal to the other person that you had viewed their status. This can be done by including the blue tick feature as well. 

 Even if the other user has deleted any status or stories from his/her side, you will still be able to see those deleted stories or statuses. You can even view the messages deleted by the list of contacts on your phone. You can see those messages even if others can’t read them. You can make certain changes that don’t even show the blue tick on the receiver side, even if you had activated blue ticks on your side.

The best part of JT WhatsApp is that it comes in with an in-built WhatsApp app lock feature. You can secure all your data by locking the application. 

  • Supports different file formats

A lot of times, a user would have noticed a pop-up message while sending certain file formats over WhatsApp. If the required application for viewing that particular file format is not present in the device, then the file doesn’t get opened. If you wish to send a file, then you need to download that particular application, which again ends up consuming a whole lot of space on your device. This entire issue gets completely rectified when you download JT WhatsApp as it supports a plethora of file formats.

  • Stay online without having to stay online

 This is one of the best features provided by this modified version of WhatsApp. If you are a business owner and you want to reveal to your clients that you are always online to solve their doubts and queries, you should never think more than once to download this version of WhatsApp from any reputed website. This application shows that you’re online 24 x 7. 

This creates a feel at the user that you are completely devoted to serving your customers as your prime duty. 

  • Large size video file sending and receiving 

 WhatsApp has limited the size of the video file being sent from one end to the other to 16MB. However, if you download this modified version of WhatsApp, you could send video files whose size is around 50 MB. Not just the video file, the audio clip size is also limited to 16 MB in the case of the original version. One could enjoy sending audio files more than 100 MB in the case of JT WhatsApp. 

The number of images that can be sent at a time is 90, this is nowhere in comparison with the number being limited to 10 in the case of the original version of WhatsApp.

  • Copy messages without name and date

This is one of the biggest problems which any WhatsApp user faces if they try to copy a list of messages from one user which is not concurrent in structure. It gets copied along with the name, date, and time. The user finds it very hard to forward it to another person as it doesn’t look very structured and formatted. This issue can be avoided if you download JT WhatsApp. 

  • Status and number of characters 

The number of characters you can put on the original version of WhatsApp is only 139. Whereas if you wish to put up a status on your JT WhatsApp, you can add up to 255 characters on it. 

  • Name of the group 

You can name your group to more than 35 characters. This is not available in the case of the original version. A person who has a lot of friends wants to name their WhatsApp group in a quirky manner and they can make use of this feature. 

  • Tap and download 

You can download the status put up by the other users on your contact list by just tapping on it. By providing the facility of tapping to download the modified version of WhatsApp allows you to selectively download the statuses as well. 

  • Pin Messages 

The original version of WhatsApp doesn’t allow the user to pin more than three chats at a time. This is not there in the case of JT WhatsApp. 

 One can start making use of JT WhatsApp by making some changes in the security settings of your device. This allows for the download of applications from sources other than the Play Store. If you are the person who would love to extend the functionality of your already existing application on the phone, you need to be downloading JT WhatsApp. 

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