Status Saver for Whatsapp – Official APK

Status Saver, no doubt since its introduction into the market has become the most liked app among the people who all use WhatsApp. What will you do if you like a shared status of your WhatsApp friend and you want the same content to be on your phone? Well, you can directly ask them for sending you the same content. What if your contact person isn’t ready to send you the same content or forget to send you that? In that case, the status saver app for WhatsApp will come for help.

Release Informations :

App NameStatus Saver
Size5.13 MB

Today this app has become the best free use WhatsApp status saving app for the android platform. This app is having more features than any other application comparatively. This application is having a clear User Interface and is easy to navigate. A user can download the videos, GIFs, photos, or images. The best thing is that all those can be easily downloaded from Whatsapp business or parallel space WhatsApp.

And that’s the reason why today this smart tool by the smart developer have become high in demand and within a short time, it has got greater popularity.

Let us look at the smart features of this app-

01. Gets updated automatically

When you install this application on your android phone you need not have to be concerned regarding updating the app. Automatically it will get updated on your phone directly from the Google Play store. The only thing you need to do is to set the app for updating an auto-update mode and it will be updated whenever requires. There is no human interference required in doing so.

02. It doesn’t take much space

The size of this app is so small that it won’t consume much space on your device. Your storage space won’t be much taken by it, just a tiny proportion is enough for storing this app on your device. Therefore there isn’t any need of worrying with regards to space consumption.

03. Fast and easy downloading of the status

It does what it specifically is meant for. Yes, the purpose for which you set up this app, it fulfills that without any doubt and with greater effectiveness. When you use this tool for downloading any other person’s shared status, it downloads the content speedily and with no troubles.

04. No limits

Another obvious reason for using this status saver app is you can download as much statuses contents you want on your device with the help of this app. There is no restriction or limit for the downloading of the status. Download if you want all hundred statuses shared in your phone one by one with this. No one is going to stop you. But the only thing you should not forget about is the availability of a Wi-Fi connection or enough mobile data availability.

05. Free, Free, and Free.

Whether it’s about the app downloading or using it multiple times, you need not have to pay any cost. It is for free and you can enjoy using this app for as long as you want.


So, get this status saver app now and make it possible to download any status of any individual at anytime you want on your device.

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