Whatsapp Aero – Official APK 2021

WhatsApp Aero includes functions similar to those of other MODs, but it has a more original aesthetic touch. When you enter, you’ll immediately notice the change in the interface. In a few words, it is an excellent option for anyone who wants to use a really different WhatsApp.

WhatsApp MODs have become very popular because they can offer some features that are not present in the original WhatsApp. Because of this, many Android users love to use these modifications of the popular messaging app. And this time, we will tell you what are the advantages of WhatsApp Aero and how to install the APK.

If you wanted a WhatsApp mod to change the routine a bit, then you’ve come to the right place. WhatsApp Aero will undoubtedly make your experience with the messaging application very different.

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Release Informations :

App NameWhatsapp Aero
Size46.5 MB

In January 2019, WhatsApp officially became the most used app worldwide, reaching billions of users. Due to its success and power of reach, many alternative programs began to emerge and be downloaded, as is the case of WhatsApp Aero, GB WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, among others. Despite their attractiveness, clone apps bring risks to users and can even cause permanent deletion of the original WhatsApp account.

It’s no secret that almost all MODs for WhatsApp are quite similar to each other. Why? Because most of them are born from developments like GBWhatsApp. So when this does not happen, the modified versions of WhatsApp are usually different from the rest. Exactly that happens with WhatsApp Aero, a MOD that comes with a major aesthetic change in the popular messaging application.

How does it work?

Since WhatsApp Aero cannot be found in the official Google app store, you will need to download an unofficial APK, which is offered on some websites. Also, in your phone, under Settings > Apps, you will need to allow the use of “unknown sources”, which are precisely the programs that are not available on Google Play. All smartphones with the Android system come with this permission disabled by default as a security measure. The release exposes the software to risks of invasion by malicious programs.

As soon as WhatsApp Aero is downloaded on the phone, it immediately accesses the contact list of the device and the user can already exchange messages, just like in the original WhatsApp. There is no need for the recipients to have the “clone” version installed on their phone to receive any content sent to them.

What is the difference between it and YO WhatsApp?

YO Whatsapp is also an alternative version of WhatsApp that works along the same lines as WhatsApp Aero, including many extra features. But the big difference between Aero and YOWA is the customization of the interface which is much more flexible. With WhatsApp Aero you can customize images, text, backgrounds and even emojis in a number of ways.

Whatsapp Aero 15.01.3 Main Features


With the aero app you have much more privacy. You can hide the blue tics, you can hide the second tic, so whoever writes you will not know if the message was read or not, online information can be hidden, it will never be seen if you are online unless you want it, statuses, listen to audio files sent, “record “, “write “, whatsapp aero is an excellent Mod for whatsapp, which helps you to be talking in a more private and quiet way.


Whatsapp Aero V8.70, has the ability to prevent messages sent to you from being deleted, if a person sends you a message and then deletes it, you will not have that message deleted. This is something that is very beneficial to us. On the other hand, if a person deleted a status, you will not be deleted, it will only be deleted after 24 hours, so you will still be able to see the deleted status.

  • Customization of the interface.
  • Greater control over privacy options.
  • More flexibility in sending files.
  • Possibility of downloading themes.

Most messaging apps these days seem to be almost all made from the same mold. That is, the same form of interface or very similar, which can become boring. To solve this problem, countless developers come up with their own proposals for MODs of the most famous apps such as WhatsApp.

Of course, they are generally unreliable or far from being really practical. However, Whatsapp Aero is a MOD that for a few months has caused a furor among users, because it gives the opportunity to break the monotony.

Whatsapp Aero is the most interesting version of WhatsApp in terms of aesthetic appearance. Just like other MODs of this app, it includes functions that the original version does not have, which makes it an amazing alternative. According to the opinions of Whatsapp Aero users, what makes this apk a marvel is the flexibility it leaves in your hands.

If you want to highlight, we invite you to read the rest of this article to indicate how you can get Whatsapp Aero apk.

What are you waiting for to reinvent the way you see your chats!

What is Whatsapp Aero?

It is a WhatsApp MOD created by developers, with the aim of giving a different look to the rest of all the variants of the app.

From the moment you open the app in this version you will notice how different it looks. More practical and fresh than WhatsApp, this MOD leaves all the usual functions and others of great utility in a more convenient scope. In addition, it is faster, the appearance of its interface flows with the theme you prefer to give it your personal touch.

From the official Whatsapp Aero page you can also download the apk for free. The page is in English, but they give you the opportunity to select the language between English, Spanish, Turkish and Portuguese.

The page also assures you that the MOD is secure and that your information will always be protected by encrypted codes. Its developers also claim that all the details of the application are meticulously made for the user’s convenience.

How can I install Whatsapp Aero on my phone?

Before you venture to download Whatsapp Aero, make sure your device meets the following requirements:

  • Have the Android operating system in its 4.0 version.
  • Have a backup copy of your Whatsapp conversations.
  • Delete the original Whatsapp application, after having the backup.
  • Have enabled in the privacy settings of your phone the “unknown sources” option.

If you already checked the above requirements and your device meets them, then you can download the Whatsapp Aero apk this way:

  • Download the apk using the link we provided.
  • Then check in your downloads to find the file, open it and then you can start installing the MOD.
  • Once installed, create your account by entering the data it asks for, such as your phone number. Also, it will ask you for a verification code which you will have to wait for.
  • After entering the code you will be able to continue, it will ask for access to other functions of the device such as contacts, camera, microphone. After you confirm this access, you can finish by restoring the chats with the backup you created earlier.
  • Finally, you can set the theme you want from those that Whatsapp Aero has integrated and adapt it to your preferences.

How can I update the app to Whatsapp Aero 2021?

From the previous version of Whatsapp Aero 2020 to the most current version of the apk Whatsapp 2021, the developers of this have solved small problems in the operation of the app. In addition, it adds certain details that you will be happy to try if you already have the previous version.

To update Whatsapp Aero you must delete the app after having previously made a backup. Then you just have to repeat the download and installation process as you did the first time.

Themes for WhatsApp Aero

This application brings with it the option to install themes, both those created by developers and users who use it.

  • To install we must the three points that are in the upper left part of the screen
  • Select the Aero Mods option
  • Select Aero Themes
  • Once selected, download it.
  • See which is the theme that you like and press install

How to hide the online status?

  • Go to Settings, and go to Aero Mods.
  • Select the Privacy icon
  • After this, you must activate the option Freeze last time, and restart WhatsApp, which would be to exit the application to re-enter.

In this way our profile will be frozen to the last time we entered WhatsApp and no one will be able to spy when we are connected to the messaging application.

Advantages and disadvantages of having Whatsapp Aero

Installing WhatsApp Aero can bring many benefits that can make you want to download it as soon as possible, but it is better that you read to the end of this note.

The advantages of this unofficial WhatsApp extension can be seen in many ways:

  • The app has more than ten themes of different colors from which you can choose. Also, the MOD has a “universal” option that allows you to change the color of things like: background, status bar, navigation, etc.
  • It gives you the option to download emojis and also create new ones like you have never seen before.
  • You can also place statuses to look like Instagram stories.
  • It has a counter of unread messages.
  • It allows you to change the icons of different functions. It also allows you to set message alert tones, color and font type.
  • It has an option to view the images of the contacts in group conversations. You can also choose the size of the images.
  • Likewise, the apk lets you send files in the format you want, without restrictions, even if they are heavier than usual.
  • You can also download the themes you want as long as they are compatible with the Whatsapp Aero apk.
  • In addition to these new options, there are the usual basic functions that allow you to protect your privacy.
  • You can change the interface design to the extent that it looks nothing like the original.
  • We can know who visited our profile.
  • It allows sharing file formats that WhatsApp itself does not allow without Aero.
  • You can change the font of all your chats individually.
  • Those who send you a message cannot delete it.
  • You can hide your online status.
  • The two blue checkboxes are hidden.
  • Images, videos and GIFs can be hidden so that they are not visible in the device’s gallery and can only be seen in WhatsApp.
  • You can create new emojis and add them to the existing ones.

As you can see, this extension has a myriad of options that you can use to make your experience in the most popular messaging application in the world completely different from the one you have now.

But like everything good in life, this does not come without problems, because the biggest disadvantage of this is that, if you install Aero, WhatsApp could suspend your account. Initially for 72 hours and then, if you continue to use it, it could terminate your account completely.

Although the developers of Aero assure that they have an anti-banning system and there have been no reports of people affected by this, it is important to know that there is a risk.

What are the risks?

WhatsApp Aero uses the open-source code of WhatsApp without authorization, so it is not available on Google Play. Therefore, you have to download an unofficial APK for the app to work. With this, Google has no way to supervise whether the app is safe or not.

When downloading an unofficial APK, the user should be aware that personal information and data may be captured and even shared by third parties, as well as increasing the risk of installing some kind of virus.

WhatsApp Ban

Although the developer of WhatsApp Aero assures that there is no danger of the user being banned from the original app, WhatsApp warns that it can ban any user who disregards its terms of service. Using unofficial APKs violates the guidelines of the original version and is expressly forbidden.

In an official statement, the social network said it “does not authorize third-party apps” because it cannot guarantee privacy and data protection measures. Even recently, WhatsApp reinforced that it would block all accounts linked to alternative apps, such as GB WhatsApp. At first, the punishment is temporary, lasting 72 hours, which allows the user to uninstall the clone program and return to the original version. After this period, if the account is still linked to unofficial APKs, it can be permanently banned from WhatsApp.

Whatsapp Aero for iOS

Usually, these apps are not available for the iOS operating system. However, one or another independent developer has made possible the latest version compatible with Whatsapp Aero for iPhone. This version can be found here and has all the features that the original apk brings for Android.

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