Whatsapp Plus – Latest Version 2021

Whatsapp Plus, Surely you have heard of it , is it good or bad? Here we reveal all its functions, how to download it and all its features.

Whatsapp has become the most used instant messaging application in the world. Whether for work, school, chatting with friends or family, we always turn to our best friend Whatsapp. But did you know that there is a different version of the original called Whatsapp Plus?

Many users who have already downloaded it says that it is much better than the official version, but like anything else, it has its pros and cons that we will show you below.

WhatsApp Plus APK is an alternative version that adds several features and functionality to the popular messenger. Among the main utilities is hiding the status so users don’t know if you are online and setting whether contacts will be notified when a message is read, preventing the checkmark of the messages from turning blue.

The application also makes it possible to hide the information that an audio is being recorded or a message is being answered, and gives more freedom for file sharing, allowing sending with greater data volume than the original messenger.

Download Whatsapp Plus APK :

Release Informations :

App NameWhatsapp Plus
Size47 MB

For those who like to customize their device, it also has features to leave the profile with a different look, besides allowing the installation of themes, and although it is a different app from the original, the interface and the way of using it are basically the same.

To use the WhatsApp Plus APK you need to enable the installation of apps from unknown sources in the settings menu of your Android phone. If you are a regular user of WhatsApp, having a tool like Plus can be very useful, after all, it brings more features to the app, adding a high level of customization and tools to make your messages much more complete.

Provides greater privacy

Over time, the updates provided by the original app have not been to everyone’s liking. Knowing that you were left on “seen”, being aware of the latest connections of your crush, or being added to family groups every time someone has a birthday is sometimes annoying. 

With Whatsapp Plus you can disable these tools and many others such as: remove the “online” connection status, hide your profile picture to certain contacts, block conversations and disable the second stick and “seen”.

It has more emojis

That’s right, Whatsapp Plus has added more emoji collections to its system, of course, to send them and your contact can see them, you must also have Whatsapp Plus installed.

It gives you the option to customize

There are a variety of themes for this version of Whatsapp. Designs that users themselves have created and shared to be used; with different combinations of colors, fonts and order. Something very similar to what was done a few years ago in Messenger.

Help when you mess up

We have all, at some point in our lives, made the mistake of sending a message to the wrong chat. Whatsapp Plus allows you to delete those messages even if the recipient has already read them or to cancel messages sent before they are read, without warning that you just deleted something from the chat. They don’t solve the problem, but they do give you a little help when you mess up.

It’s cool with your files

Among other features, Whatsapp Plus allows you to send files up to 50 MB. They improve the image quality of photos and videos by reducing their size to send them more easily.

Although Whatsapp Plus has its downside….

Being something totally unrelated to the original app, there is the possibility that at some point or another the original application will penalize you or that your updates, contacts or messages will be lost. It is also possible that it will take you longer to receive the news that Whatsapp updates.

On the other hand, the only way to download it is through an unknown source; which you will have to activate from your cell phone since Whatsapp Plus is not available on Google Play. Running the risk of damaging your phone’s operating system. Luckily, with Verizon you can always protect your digital life from hacks, viruses, data loss or information theft with Hero Security. It’s easy to install it from Google Play and take your 7-day trial.

With Whatsapp Plus you can enjoy all these benefits while customizing your what’s the way you like.

More privacy and ways to interact

Hiding statuses, message previews and the like can be useful in many scenarios, especially for those who use WhatsApp as a work tool. Another very interesting feature is the ability to send files of virtually any length, and it also allows documents with larger volumes than the standard 16 MB.

As mentioned, using the apk offers practically the same experience as the official messenger app, the main difference being a settings menu that offers access to many other features. If a certain function is not useful for your usage profile, just disregard it and, if possible, disable it in the app settings.

WhatsApp Plus offers the following main features

  • Select part of the message you want to copy and paste, without the need to forward the entire message;
  • Adapt the font to the size you want, as well as the color of the interface;
  • See the chat screen for connection status and time;
  • Send large audio and video files;
  • Download or send photos in their original quality;
  • Quick share function;
  • Hide profile picture;
  • Install various themes.

The basic difference between GB WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus

We start with the main differentiator of GB WhatsApp. With it, you can install two accounts, including the original WhatsApp version, on the same phone.

WhatsApp Plus also allows two accounts on the same phone, but you cannot install the original one. More than this, it requires you to uninstall the official WhatsApp.

Other than that, both apps are very similar to WhatsApp and both have several more features than the precursor. See below for the main features of WhatsApp Plus.

Main Extra Features of WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp Plus is a modified version of WhatsApp for Android, which adds more customization options and functions. The app is free, but the user license is the same as WhatsApp.

Since it is an app outside the Google Play store, you have to download and install it manually. Therefore, to install WhatsApp Plus you need to download an APK file.

  • Privacy features:
  • Hide online status;
  • Hide blue ticks;
  • Hide writing or recording notice;
  • Hide blue microphone;
  • Hide preview status;
  • Enable / disable anti-revogation.
  • Additional functions specific to WhatsApp Plus:
  • Download sticker packs;
  • File and conversation cleaner;
  • Various wallpapers;
  • Auto reply feature, same as WhatsApp Business;
  • Themes;
  • Customize chat screen
  • Customize chat screen;
  • Customizable notification pop-up
  • Customizable widgets;
  • Video sharing up to 50 MB in size;
  • Shareable high-quality image;

WhatsApp GB vs WhatsApp Plus Comparison

Both apps are clones of WhatsApp. In other words, they are based on the original app.

Also, although with different origins, they are currently maintained by a user named AlexMods.

Between the two versions, there are more similarities than differences. First of all, the appearance of the interface of the two is the same.

Likewise, the appearance of the options menu, only changing the name of the app in the upper corner.

Similarly, security and interface customization offer the same options. The theme repository and the camera interface are also quite similar.

So we have two clone apps, with the same interface, the same functions and the same icons.

Some Advantages of WhatsApp Plus

Appearance is one of the differences between the two apps. In fact, WhatsApp Plus has more emojis and more available backgrounds, with a more complete interface.

Also, WhatsApp Plus has a higher file sharing limit of 50 MB. And to top it off, the image quality is not lost.

On the other hand, with GB WhatsApp you can turn off the internet connection only for the app.

You can even hide your conversations in a secret menu and schedule automatic messages to be sent.

In summary, GB WhatsApp has some advantages in terms of privacy and WhatsApp Plus has some advantages in terms of appearance. So the choice depends on the user’s preference.

Who is behind WhatsApp Plus?

At the beginning of 2014, the developer of WhatsApp Plus called himself “rafalense” and was, according to his own information, a guy living in Holland who kept his true identity secret. The domain of the “official” homepage was still registered anonymously at that time. Given the unauthorized use of the well-known name, not a big surprise.

Over the course of the year, rafalense seems to have gold-plated his work and sold WhatsApp Plus. At the beginning of 2015, the app’s domain is registered to a “Rashid Alkalbani” from Oman. A certain “Mohammed Alkalbani” is responsible for the changelog. The homepage is now available not only in English but also in an Arabic translation. The privacy policy is even only available in Arabic. Clear indications of a new target group and new people in charge who no longer think they have to hide.

What does WhatsApp Plus cost?

WhatsApp Plus is free, but you will of course have to pay the 0.89 euros that are due for using WhatsApp after the first free year. Meanwhile, the 2.59 euro donation app Plus Donation by rafalense has disappeared from the Play Store.

Is WhatsApp Plus also available for iOS?

No, the app is not available for the iPhone. Although it would be possible to install it on iOS by other means, it would be much more complicated than on Android. You would have to jailbreak an iPhone, whereas an APK can be installed with a few clicks on Google’s operating system. The people behind WhatsApp Plus have not yet shown any ambitions to program an iOS version.

How do you install WhatsApp Plus?

Since WhatsApp Plus is no longer available in the Play Store, you have to download the APK file from one of the more or less reputable download portals that Google search throws up, or directly from the “official” homepage to be able to install the app. Before you can open the package file, you have to “Allow installation of apps from sources other than the Play Store” under Settings -> Security.

For WhatsApp Plus to work, you need to install, set up and use the original version of WhatsApp beforehand. Sending two or three messages is apparently enough. After that, you remove the app and install the Plus version.

Can I send larger files with WhatsApp Plus than with WhatsApp?

No. WhatsApp allows you to send photos and videos up to a size of 16 megabytes. WhatsApp Plus allows you to send files up to 30 megabytes in size. This limit is set by the official servers of WhatsApp, because of course all messages go through them and WhatsApp Plus does not maintain its own data centers.

Can I create a backup of WhatsApp Plus?

Yes, the app has an integrated backup function. You can create a backup file under Menu -> Plus -> Full WhatsApp+Backup, which you can import when you reinstall the app.

What’s wrong with WhatsApp Plus?

In order to work, WhatsApp Plus requires the same extensive permissions that have already earned the original app a reputation as a voracious, insecure data octopus. On top of that, despite a domain registered by name, it is still completely unclear who is behind the app – “Rashid Alkalbani” is not a rare name in the Arabic world.

Moreover, WhatsApp Plus is an unauthorized copy of the messenger, which has been supplemented with some – admittedly sensible – functions. Even before the takeover by Facebook, the company took action against various open source projects for copyright violations, as heise reports. Nevertheless, WhatsApp Plus has already lasted longer than many observers had suspected.

Does WhatsApp block users from WhatsApp Plus?

Yes, in January 2015 WhatsApp started to block users of WhatsApp-Plus and other third-party apps for 24 hours for the messenger, because they use an unlicensed program that violates the terms of use. The next time you log in, you will be directed to the official FAQ page, where WhatsApp asks you to download the official application. Only then will you be able to continue using the messenger service. 

As a reason, WhatsApp states that there is no relationship with WhatsApp Plus and the development of the app is not authorized. In addition, they can’t guarantee that the source code is secure, and it’s possible that “your private information could potentially be shared with third parties without your knowledge or consent.”

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