WhatsApp Prime APK 2021 – Latest Version

The WhatsApp Prime apk is recently the most popular application among people. This app is the latest version of the previous one. The prime version of WhatsApp has some additional features compared to the previous one.

Release Informations :

App NameWhatsapp Prime
Size42.72 MB

There is a wide range of social media applications available to send messages and files online. Including WhatsApp, Facebook, line, telegram, Viber, and many more. However, all applications have different functions and work. However, WhatsApp is one of the instant messaging mobile applications. This application has active 1 billion customers all over the world. In this article, you will read the latest and new version of WhatsApp. Yes, we are here discussing WhatsApp Prime.

Facts about Whatsapp Prime :

Whatsapp is the most frequently used mobile application in the globe. Fortunately, WhatsApp Prime has launched with mod, which will enhance customer experience. The latest version of apk mod allows you to change the themes of messaging app. You can change wallpaper or themes as per your choice. You do not have to bother to see tiresome wallpaper all time. This apk allows you to do a video call to your loved ones more easily. WhatsApp Prime is somehow similar to the GB WhatsApp mod. This apk was launched to those who had to fade up the official version of WhatsApp.  

The WhatsApp Prime is the modified version of the old WhatsApp. All modified changes are available in the official GBWhatsapp mod. This version of the app is popular among people. This app provides you the facility to chat with your friends and family, and loved ones. However, allow you to share files online for free. You can also record video and audio very easily. 

Main Features of WhatsApp Prime:

The developer has managed all functions very properly. The WhatsApp Prime has many amazing features. To know more about its features scroll below. 

  1. This application allows to send up to 300 files at once. This will include online movies, pictures, and documents. You may send multiple pictures with a single screen tap. 
  2. There is no requirement to download media files. However, you can preview them.
  3. In the latest apk mod, the character limit has also increased for all texts. This means you can type messages with a larger length without any hesitation.  
  4. Here you will get chat disabled options. Due to these features, you will send messages to anyone. But does not get a reply from another side. 
  5. The length of video sending has got increased up to 70MB. This will help you to send multiple videos at a time. 
  6. A new collection of emojis has been added to the application.
  7. You can change wallpaper or themes many times with unique colors. 
  8. This latest version of WhatsApp has more secure. This allows users to follow two-step authentication. 
  9. An additional telegram icon is added. You can send a link directly to the telegram app. 
  10. In the latest version, pictures do not lose their original quality. You will get the same quality of pictures as uploaded. However, other options allow to zoom in and out of pictures. 
  11. Whenever you like the status of other people, you can save it on your mobile device. Also, you allow to copy and paste status in your status bar. 
  12. This app allows you to disable and enable the call button anytime you want. 
  13. This application has the most powerful feature that is anti-revoke. In this feature, users can see deleted messages. Also, the messages are permanently hidden from the chats.

How can you install WhatsApp Prime?

The process of installing WhatsApp Prime on your mobile devices is very quick and easy. The WhatsApp prime apk mod is a prompt mobile application to use. However, you can install its web application on desktop and laptop devices too. You can check the official site to download its apk file. Must ensure download from a secure and genuine online site. Make sure to read all explanations of features. This will help to customize the apk in the most effective way. You have to follow these simple tips to install the applications: 

  • Most importantly must back up your old WhatsApp data. After uninstalling the old application. 
  • Now you can download the apk file of WhatsApp prime from any third-party website. 
  • Now go to your mobile setting and enable the “unknown source” options.
  • Once you have done the setting, install the apk file on a mobile device. 
  • Whenever you install the apk file on mobile, a popup comes. Always click on the “yes” button.
  • After verifying a genuine mobile number, you can use this application. However, applications may ask you to back up old app data. 

How to update the latest version of WhatsApp Prime?

As we mention above WhatsApp prime is the modified version of the WhatsApp app. This WhatsApp Prime has better features than the old one. WhatsApp Prime is available for all customers in customized variations. This apk holds updated features and functionalities. The updated version of WhatsApp is much better than the old one. The WhatsApp prime or WhatsApp transparent is develop using updated technology. This apk has been launched in the market to provide the best user experience. These apps update themselves for the sake of functionality. 

How to use it?

You can either install it on your mobile device or laptop. It depends on your device’s suitability. However, the WhatsApp Prime apk supports all devices. This app will manage your privacy. The WhatsApp app apk is available on the web version too. This is the best social media application that is easily available today. You can use it as per your choice and device availability. 


There are many reasons people love to use WhatsApp Prime apk mod. This app is legal to download and use. The Facebook team has launched this application with innovative features. Furthermore, it is an option for the official messaging app. This app is preferred by most professional people worldwide. However, you can download it from any site online. The WhatsApp Prime applications hold many customization properties. You can try WhatsApp Prime once at least for a change.

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