YC WhatsApp 2021 – with Extra Features

Here we will provide some of the information about YC WhatsApp to choose on your own to upgrade the normal WhatsApp with this mod.

WHATSAPP being one of the prominent communicating apps, readily makes the user crave for more. Some limited features of the regular WhatsApp generated the need for modifications in the core software. There are numerous modifications available in the market that have immense features as compared to WhatsApp. YC WhatsApp is among the best ones that have a great set of features.

Release Informations :

App NameYCWhatsapp
Size21.24 MB

What exactly is YC WhatsApp?

YC WhatsApp APK a widely popular mod application that has a great set of features. On this app, there are numerous features through which people can communicate with each other. The core difference between the normal one and this one is the presence of some extra features. The presence of these features helps this apk to get massive fame.

What are the core features that make YC WhatsApp a hit?

Numerous extra features make it a hit. These features are the additional ones that appeal to the users a lot.

  • YC WhatsApp has new gesture controls, which makes it quite interactive.
  • The user has optimal control over privacy as they can easily hide their connection status.
  • Changing your font from huge font collections is now a cakewalk
  • you can Resize your text as per the need.
  • It has a massive set of emojis, which makes it entertaining.
  • The feature of customizing the app’s icon on your own helps in getting practical interest.
  • This apk has a graphical aspect inspired by Instagram, which gives the user a plush feel.
  • Sending bigger size videos is now an easy task as the user can opt for longer videos without breakage to send.
  • Those who want to write longer status but are unable to due to normal WhatsApp policies can now write the same easily with YC WhatsApp.
  • The user can also download the stories to the phone
  • No limitation in status stories which makes them quite appealing.
  • You can even convert to selectable text from normal text messages in this modification.
  • It provides a different user interface, one which is just like the iPhone style.
  • With the critical features of blocking and deleting the messages per want, the user can keep toxic people at bay.
  • With this mod, it is now easy to send media files via WhatsApp without any restrictions.
  • It also got the app lock that makes it quite advanced as you don’t need to use any 3rd part app now.
  • You don’t need to use 3rd party apps for app lock, and you got the app lock feature in this mod version.

The kitty’s compelling features make YC WhatsApp a worthy modification with a different set of interesting features. If you are also getting bored of the regular app, then YC WhatsApp is the best among all the market mods. One can use it without any stress as it will give most of the new features that are quite effective and interesting. Downloading and installing this app is a cakewalk as you can easily download it without any hassles from the internet. 

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