YoWhatsapp – Latest Version 2021

YoWhatsApp is a messenger that uses, without permission, the source code of the original WhatsApp. The “clone” only works on Android phones and, besides offering the functions of the real service, it brings more options such as sending PDF files, password lock and header customization – changing the color of the platform. The differentials may be attractive to users who are unaware of the potential problems and risks that this type of platform can offer.

The illegal use of the development base of the tool by Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, prevents the presence of the platform in Google’s system application support. To better understand why choosing to download Yo WhatsApp can even lead to the banning of the user’s number on the original WhatsApp.

If you are looking for an alternative to the official WhatsApp application, you have several options that provide more features and are also much more useful.

YoWhatsapp Latest Version Release Informations :

App NameYoWhatsapp
Version 15.01.3
File Size46.16 MB

YoWhatsApp is an alternative that you should take into account, especially if you want to try something different from what other WhatsApp-based “mods” offer: OGWhatsapp, WhatsApp Plus, and others.

YOWhatsApp is one of the most famous and used WhatsApp mods on the market.

WhatsApp Mods are software developments created by third parties that usually serve to add more functionality and features to your WhatsApp application (in addition to the ones it comes with by default). WhatsApp Mods can be easily downloaded and used, and most of them, as with YoWhatsApp, are completely free.

There are many different mods, but the two most famous are GBWhatsApp and YoWhatsApp. The first was widely used for a while, but the use of advertising and other features have made that over time, users are preferring to use YoWhatsApp.

How can I download YoWhatsApp?

If you are looking to install this mod, it is very easy to download the latest version of YoWhatsApp.

Just visit the link above and from there go to the download section under “How to download YoWhatsApp”.

Clicking on the link of one of the available options will start the download of the .apk file we need.

What is YoWhatsApp for?

YoWhatsApp allows us to enjoy many additional features that we cannot use in the conventional WhatsApp application. Here is a list of the most outstanding features.

Emphasizing privacy within WhatsApp, YoWhatsApp offers the following functions:

  • Looking at a person’s status without them knowing.
  • Prevent other people from knowing when you are online.
  • Prevent other people from knowing when you are writing.
  • Hide the second check of the received message.
  • Hide the double blue read message check.

And much more.

How Does Yo WhatsApp Work?

Yo WhatsApp works very similar to WhatsApp. When the messenger is downloaded on the phone, it immediately accesses the contact list of the device and thus already makes it possible to exchange messages, even with those who only use the original support. 

The instant integration can influence the users’ feeling of credibility, however, the supposedly advantageous option offers risks to the information available on the cell phone.

In addition to all the functions that WhatsApp has, the “clone” program offers other options such as, for example, sending files larger than 700 MB – the standard platform has a limit of 100 MB; differentiated text fonts – the official messenger offers some limited formatting capabilities; and customization of the header, which can have its colors changed – by default, the entire IM platform is green. Zuckerberg’s official tool does not offer color changes, but those interested can change their profile description, chat background image, and profile picture.

Other apparent advantages that the alternative system may offer are:

  • Selection of which contacts in the list can call your number or not;
  • Sending files in all formats, including ZIP or PDF;
  • Use of emojis available only for cell phones with Android 8 or higher;
  • Bypasses the message deletion system, which shows up for Yo WhatsApp users even when the sender deletes it;
  • Password option to access the messenger, either by numbers, letters, or even fingerprint – depending on the phone model.

The latest version of YoWhatsApp, which you can download from this article, allows you to do the following things:

100% customizable: you can customize every part of YoWhatsApp. The interface of this tool is designed to make its customization simple and accessible.

Send messages without adding contacts: this tool allows you to send messages and even make calls without the need to add that person as a contact. This can even be done once the chat has been deleted since YoWhatsApp saves the log of messages sent.

Themes for all tastes: WhatsApp does not allow you to apply themes to its interface, this can become a bit monotonous and boring. With YoWhatsApp this is eliminated from the root because you can access a large number of themes that allow you to change the appearance of the app in seconds.

Privacy: this is very important for YoWhatsApp. The app encrypts chats like WhatsApp, so there is no possibility that these messages can be read by other people.

Dual WhatsApp: thanks to this technology, this app allows you to have two WhatsApp installed on your device at the same time. This means that you can use official WhatsApp and YoWhatsApp on the same terminal without any problem.

If you have problems using, downloading, or installing YoWhatsApp, leave us a message so we can help you.

It is an option that protects users’ privacy. It is the user himself who decides who can call him, who can see our statuses if they can see if we are writing or who gets the message reception icon. It allows us to configure important aspects such as these. This is the mod that gives us the most privacy options.

Interesting features

If privacy was a key aspect, so is security. We can use the PIN lock, pattern or fingerprint sensor, to prevent someone else we do not want to have access to the application and thus read our messages. Depending on the phone we have, we can choose one or the other option, whichever is more comfortable for us.

YoWhatsApp gives us the ability to send files in any format (it supports a huge list of formats), including large ones, over 700 MB. It is not something we are going to use too much, but it is good to see that we can send all kinds of files. It is a good option for sending photos, as it keeps the original resolution. It will not compress them or affect their resolution.

As expected in a mod, customization is a strong point in YoWhatsApp. We can configure a lot of aspects of the messaging application in this way. Text fonts, icons, colors, or themes are some of the aspects that we can modify and choose the ones we like the most. It gives us the possibility to choose themes that other users have created for the application. So it is very complete in this sense.

The negative point to keep in mind when using YoWhatsApp is that we run the risk that we are going to be banned from the messaging application. The same thing happened with WhatsApp Plus. It would not be surprising if this happens in the future, because the application has been against these mods that give users the power to customize the application.

If you are looking for a good option to customize the app in the absence of WhatsApp Plus, the best option to consider is YoWhatsApp. Customizable, easy to use, and with special attention to users’ privacy and security. Everything we are looking for.

An improved messaging system

Currently, the messaging system of the YoWhatsApp application allows you to automatically reply to messages, delete multiple messages at once, see better chat bubbles and blue ticks.

With them, you can easily reply with an automated text to your contacts when you are out, delete unwanted messages at once and open chat windows.

Added features for groups

With the latest updates, group administrators will be able to use a group name with 10 more characters (35 characters instead of 25).

Additional security features

YoWhatsApp incorporates additional security features, such as the “do not disturb” feature or a secure application lock feature. By using the “do not disturb” (DND) feature you can disable the Internet only for the WhatsApp app, ensuring that no one disturbs you at any time.

Mass messaging, up to 600 members

Normally, WhatsApp allows you to broadcast messages to a maximum of 256 members. Therefore, if you want to spread your message to more people, you know that with YoWhatsApp you will be able to send to up to 600 contacts.

Is it safe to install YoWhatsApp?

As a general rule, installing and using YoWhatsApp is safe, but because it is against WhatsApp’s terms of use to use third-party applications, we have to be careful because it could be blocked in the future. The latest YoWhatsApp update has an anti-blocking feature, that’s why right now it is more secure than in previous versions.

Sometimes, when a user is using an unofficial version of WhatsApp instead of the official app, they may be banned from using the messaging app temporarily.

Anyway, if you are having problems with your WhatsApp application and you think it may not be working properly, I’m sure taking a look at this post can help you.

What’s New in YoWhatsApp 15.01.3 (Latest Version)

  • Base updated to version
  • Added exclusive voice changer for voice notes (Chat > 3 points > Voice Changer). Record voice memo and send.
  • Added exclusive preview and confirmation before sending stickers (FMMods > Conversation).
  • Added option to delete downloaded emoji packs.
  • Added that the Archive row of the main screen can change color.
  • Fixed slow sending of messages to groups.
  • Extension for the new WA privacy until May 15.
  • Various fixes and other improvements.
  • Installation of YOWhatsApp mod is via APK file, but first, you need to enable the option Unknown sources on your Android. The option allows you to install applications outside the Google Play store.

To enable the option we enter the general settings of the mobile, specifically in the Security section we will find the option Unknown sources.

What are the benefits of YoWhatsapp?

The first great benefit is that installing this extension does not affect the performance of the original WhatsApp application. In fact, you can use a number for each application without affecting its performance.

Among other differences with the traditional WhatsApp application and the benefits of the YoWhatsApp extension is the option to share files of any size and any type; no matter if they are videos or images, they retain their quality. Currently, the original application only allows sharing files up to 16MB.

Privacy is another very important feature of YoWhatsApp that users value highly; it turns out that the security settings are optimized and adjustable. For example, the online or online status can be hidden; even when the user is typing. It is also possible to remove the message delivery report.

In fact, customization is a great virtue of the YoWhatsApp extension, you have many themes or wallpapers available and you can even customize each conversation. It also has a filter for calls and video calls; that is, it allows only certain contacts to make calls or video calls through the extension, but without affecting the contacts in general.

Another feature available in YoWhatsApp is the protection of chats or conversations by fingerprint or passwords. Or also, having chats without labels, that is, keeping the name of the contact secret.

How to update YoWhatsApp to the latest version?

Updating YoWhatsApp or any other mod is not done in the same way as in the stock WhatsApp, that’s why you should follow the steps below:

  • Follow the usual instructions as you would do to backup WhatsApp.
  • Once you have your data safe, completely uninstall the old version of YoWhatsApp.
  • Now download the latest version of YoWhatsApp available (links above).
  • In the file manager of your cell phone look for the APK file and install the application again following the installation steps.

NOTE: In case you get a Play Protect warning, you can disable this application from the Play Store settings.

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