ZEWhatsApp – why it is The Talk of the Town?

ZE WhatsApp is one of the top downloaded mod apps. A lot of modified applications are being released in today’s market. One of the highly searched for and downloaded the modified applications is ZEWhatsApp messaging application. 

WhatsApp is not open source, but it is freeware. One can download the executable file of the WhatsApp application and make some reverse engineering processes to the file and then upload a modified version of WhatsApp online. This modified version of WhatsApp is available on various websites. You can find any of these applications by just making a simple Google search. 

Release Informations :

App NameZE Whatsapp
DeveloperZE ( nickname )
Size32.09 MB

What makes ZE WhatsApp stand apart from the original WhatsApp owned by Facebook Corporation

There are a whole lot of features that make ZE WhatsApp stand apart from the original version of WhatsApp released in the play store. Some of the most important ones are listed below. 

  • Storage 

 Storage is not a problem at all. ZE WhatsApp has a high amount of storage capacity which does not have any limit for storing the files it has and capacity of about 200 MB. One can send large-sized files and with full capacity to any number of users. If the users want to, they can exceed up to a maximum limit of about 1 GB which is helpful. Also, in the case of the original version of WhatsApp, the same file cannot be forwarded more than a specific number of people at a stretch. This is not the issue while making use of ZE WhatsApp. The ones who are interested in delivering heavy content to large masses must make use of this version of WhatsApp available for download from some of the prominent sites. 

  • Sending image and video files 

One can send multiple numbers of photos at one point in time. A maximum of about 30 to 40 photos can be sent at a stretch. The speed is not like the original version of WhatsApp. It is very quick, and it delivers the photos at a faster pace. The picture quality is not at all compromised. The pixels are not at all reduced while sending images from one end to the other. 

  • Privacy 

 It is made sure that one’s privacy is not hindered at all. One cannot read or reply to the messages that you have sent without providing the right set of permission. ZE WhatsApp is impeccable for hiding messages. Privacy is being maintained so that one cannot open or respond to your messages without entering the password. ZE WhatsApp also makes sure that one can read the messages that you have sent without being able to see the blue tick.

If someone wants to access the messages delivered to them, especially the photos or any clips of videos, they have to make sure to have the permission of the owner. With the permission of the owner, they can easily download the existing clips or photos or any stories which have been available to them by simply pressing the download icon. This ensures that you can even restrict the photo viewing capacity on the side of the user even after delivering the messages to the user. 

  • Excellent User Interface 

The major feature of ZE WhatsApp is that multiple and a variety of themes are provided. More than a thousand themes are available at the disposal of the user. This makes the WhatsApp application very enticing to those who download it. Generally, in the original version of WhatsApp, not more than 5 to 7 themes are available. Also, the original version of WhatsApp doesn’t allow the user to download themes from external sites. However, this excellent feature is provided for the ones who have downloaded ZE WhatsApp. 

  • Auto-reply feature 

 ZE WhatsApp has some top-notch features and the automatic reply function is one of them. It makes the WhatsApp messaging application respond to messages on its own. A maximum of about 200- 250 characters is allotted for the auto-reply feature by ZE WhatsApp. This is one of the most sought-after features by business owners. They don’t have to invest with a social media management agency to reply to the messages sent to them by the customers. 

  • Download statuses 

One can download the stories put up on the statuses by simply pressing the download icon. 

ZE WhatsApp is one of the most efficient modes of communication applications that have been available till this point in time. There are not many communication apps that provide this kind of feature. The downloaded statuses get stored in the Downloads section of the mobile phone. One can also use this version of WhatsApp from desktop computers or laptops. All one has to do is to have a proper APK file viewer which enhances the user experience. 

  • Excellent for gaming 

 For Android users, ZE WhatsApp is a blessing in disguise. ZE WhatsApp is noted for its gaming applications and a variety of games is made available to the users. There are a whole lot of excellent and intriguing features of the ZE WhatsApp. One could make payments via WhatsApp but getting to play games using this application is not something that any other modified application provides to the user. One can form groups in the application and play together as a team. 

 The founder of ZE WhatsApp reveals that it does not belong to the WhatsApp group instead it belongs to a third party. And it is also free to download from the site which makes us even more exciting because everyone can easily access this advanced technology and experience its advantages. The team behind ZE WhatsApp takes a lot of effort to ensure seamless service provided to the users. 

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